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We are a freestanding midwifery-owned birth center currently offering homebirth center, hospital & water birth, comprehensive maternity care, well-woman care, breastfeeding support, public and private classes, groups and seminars

DISCOVER a new paradigm that challenges how we provide care to women and families around birth and well-woman care through life. Discover a place where women are heard and respected; where birth is sacred and transformative; where newborns are born into gentle hands that understand the importance of connection and the inherent need for attachment to the parents; where women connect and build their village of support; where the responsibility of making a difference for our planet’s future is valued. Find yourself at Healing Passages.


Updates to the New Birth Center

Our Connection to theMotherEarth

Our Connection to theMotherEarth

One aspect I loved about working with Silent Rivers through the design process for this space, and I’m not just saying this because I am married to the owner, is that his team really took the time to get to know Willowsong and what is important to us, how we approach care. One of the »

“Why THIS building for Healing Passages?”, you ask.

“Why THIS building for Healing Passages?”, you ask.

Because spirit and intention matter. It matters to Chaden and I. It matters to the Willowsong team providing theCare. It matters to the artisans of Silent Rivers. It matters to the community we serve. And this spirit, this intention, has the ability to set the path for a more connected, sustainable, safer future for our »

A Marriage of PURPOSE

A Marriage of PURPOSE

by Cosette Boone, Founder, Executive Director “Can you see doing it without him?” This is what Ying, my CPA, asked me from across her desk one day a few years back. Instantly, my gut responded. “No”, I said, after a summer of looking for new birth center sites, with no luck. “Then that’s your answer,” »



by Cosette Boone, Founder, Executive Director Welcome to our blog featuring Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center’s soon-to-be NEW home located up the street at 800 19th Street. There has been a whole lot of love and vision going into this birth center… and we are eager to bring the community up to speed surrounding the design »


theVillage Learning Centre

Where women & families connect, with a supportive community, as they strive to learn, grow and share their wisdom with each other

Upcoming Classes & Events

MotherBaby Cafe

Free Event

Date: September 28, 2016

MotherBaby Cafe

Free Event

Date: September 29, 2016

A Mother's Tears--Difficult Birth Journey

Free Event

Date: October 4, 2016

MotherBaby Cafe

Free Event

Date: October 5, 2016

Group Prenatal Class: MamaMoon Care

Free Event

Date: October 6, 2016

Learn about taking care of the new mother!

MotherBaby Cafe

Free Event

Date: October 6, 2016

Baby girl Millie born on 7/03/16 @ 6lbs to Kellie and James Hoover

Baby girl Mavis born on 7/03/16 @ 8lbs to Jessica Bottenfield-Biehn and James Biehn

Baby girl River born on 7/01/16 @ 9lbs 1oz to Fan Young and Zebulun Avendsee

Baby girl Rosemae born on 6/26/16 @ 8lbs 12oz  to Danielle and Rick King

Baby girl Sutton born on 6/21/16 @ 8lbs to Ashley and Ryan Lynch

Baby girl Ekisah born on 6/13/16 @ 7lbs 2oz to Kimberly and Andrew Lwere

Baby boy Logan born on 6/10/16 @ 8lbs 9oz to Amy and Dan Bruns

Baby girl Jubilee born on 6/09/16 @ 8lbs 13oz to Lauren and Thomas Gideon

Baby boy Henry born on 06/05/16 @ 7lbs 6oz to Alexa and Timothy Yutzy

Baby girl Virginia born on 5/30/16 @ 7lbs 4oz to Kayla and Zach Landhuis

Baby boy Sloan born on 5/23/16 @ 9lb 13.5oz to Jamie and Jeff Westrum

Baby boy Ezra born on 5/22/16 @ 8lbs 4oz to Karen and Brandon Hebron

Baby girl Eva “Stormy” born on 5/19/16 @ 9lb 3oz to Erica and James Hadley

Baby girl Magna born on 05/14/16 @ 6lb 8oz to Andrea and Elliot Imes

Baby boy Jackson born on 05/09/16 @ 8lb 2oz to Kelsey and Nathan Snead

Baby girl Meyer born on 5/07/16 @ 7lb to Alexandria and Lucas Ballenger

Baby boy Silas born on 5/06/16 @ 7lb 12oz to Cassie and Peter Krueger

Baby girl Sadie born on 05/06/16 @ 6lb 9oz to Megan Sloat and Joey Talbert

Baby boy Miles born on 05/05/16 @ 9#3oz to Mallory & Michael Davis

Baby boy Paul born on 05/01/16 @ 7#0oz to Jenna & Neal Meylor

Baby girl Indiana born on 04/23/16 @ 7#7oz to Kristin & Phillip Mainprize

Baby girl Evalynn born on 04/21/16 @ 7#9oz to Andrea & Dustin Shandri

Baby girl Sophia born on 04/20/16 @ 5#9.6oz to Laura McCann & Benjamin Kral

Baby boy Elliott born on 04/18/16 @ 8#8oz to Jolie & Royce Alaniz

Baby girl Sawyer born on 04/17/16 @ 7#8oz to Erin & Michael Renze

Baby boy Liam born on 04/14/16 @ 7#11oz to Staci & Scott Mead

Baby boy Zaden born on 04/12/16 @ 8#4oz to Laura & Anthony Elliott

Baby boy Emmett born on 04/12/16 @ 9#3oz to Rhiannon & Derek Shipley

Baby boy Ronan born on 04/07/16 @ 8#8oz to Carrie & John Cavanaugh

Baby boy Oliver born on 04/01/16 @ 8#1oz to Lacy & Andrew Lundgren

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