A Father’s Perspective

Michael & Brandy Case Haub & family

Michael & Brandy Case Haub and family

I have to admit I was pretty skeptical about the whole “let’s have our baby at HOME” idea. As a health care professional I felt like this idea seemed a little backwards. We didn’t live in the middle of nowhere. We had a number of hospitals to choose from and we had our other kids in the hospital. Our first child was born early so we spent about a month in the NICU with him so we were pretty familiar with the hospital concept. We didn’t necessarily have a bad experience but they weren’t great either. I told my wife that we should do some research and meet with a midwife to answer some questions BUT I was pretty sure this was not going to happen.

After a lot of research, and meeting with Cosette, we were amazed. I was very frustrated to see the amount of intervention that was occurring in the hospital setting, and how mothers (and fathers) were being treated by the obstetric community. I felt as if there was a lot of misinformation out there that treats birth as a medical condition rather than as a natural process that we have been doing for millions of years. I felt as if parents were scared into using OBs; if you cared about your baby you wouldn’t “risk” having your baby at home. All the research points to the contrary and as someone who believes in science and clinical research I find it disheartening that hospitals and OBs seem to be more interested in the financial incentives of intervention than the outcomes of having a healthy baby and mother.

We had a wonderful experience with having our baby at home. We decided to rent a birthing tub (which we used as a hot tub in the house for a few weeks). I was able to be actively involved in the birth (I actually caught the baby) and the best thing was that WE WERE ALREADY HOME! We were in a familiar environment; we could eat our own food, be in our own bed and not have to worry about getting the baby home. Cosette, Kari, and the entire staff were awesome. We always felt like they were following up on us, but without being intrusive (unlike our hospital experiences).

What an overall great experience and I would recommend anyone interested should at least do the research, meet with a midwife, and don’t let the medical establishment dictate your personal choices for you and your family—Michael C.H.

Story submitted by Michael C. H.