Amber Horsman’s Birth Story

My birth story began on a hot June day at Gray’s Lake. It was after my husband I walked around and around the lake that we decided to use Willowsong Midwifery Care for the delivery of our first child. My husband, Brett, was initially hesitant but let me have my way. We loved the long appointments packed full of information. I kept a running list of questions in my phone for each appointment and probably gave the midwives a few laughs with all the random stuff I had to say!

We had a scare in late July – I passed out. My husband caught me before I hit the floor and rushed me to urgent care. They told to eat some salty Chinese food, drink water and be mindful of reoccurring drops in blood pressure. I think I saw the doctor a total of 4 minutes. At my next prenatal, my midwife and I discussed diet, exercise, vitamins and what else I could do to prevent further fainting spells. The appointment was priceless. During the rest of
pregnancy, I did feel fatigue coming on now an again. However, I was now equipped with the knowledge to combat the fainting and never experienced another spell.

Weeks turned to months and I attended a few classes here and there. I remember particularly the Breastfeeding Class, Expressing Mums, Physiological Birth and Birth Complications II. All extremely helpful and informative! As my belly started to stick out further and further, I began to have more frequent appointments. It was so nice to have a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth. We always exhausted every natural and normal option before trying prescriptions. I didn’t feel like a cow or a sick patient. For Willowsong, birth was, as is, a beautiful, wonderful thing. It is celebrated and embraced!

My due date came and went. And kept going. I started to worry. Brett and I met with Dr. Kari and started talking about induction. We scheduled the ultrasound and decided that if everything came back OK on the ultrasound, we would be induced Friday. The day before the ultrasound, I tried castor oil. It was nasty. I couldn’t finish the whole thing. Brett and I went on an extremely long walk and then messed around a bit in the hopes of getting this baby out!! The evening slipped away as I dropped into bed.

Midnight! I woke out of a dead sleep with pain in my back. Apparently, I get back labor. I moved into our living room. I slept on the couch in between contractions and jumped off to move and sway when contractions came. 2 am and I tried the tub. The hot water felt great. Brett came in and asked if I needed anything. I told him no and to go back to bed – no sense in both of us being sleep deprived.

When Brett got up at 7 am, I informed him he wasn’t going to work. I bounced on the medicine ball and watched TV. He would rub my back and push against the back labor through contractions. I had already called the midwife. She said not to worry and that she expected to see us at the birthing center about noon. By 9:15 am, Brett was very nervous. I told him to call the midwife himself. While he was dialing, I felt the need to step into the tub and squat. Immediately my water broke. And then it came!

The overwhelming desire, the uncontrollable force of nature, to PUSH!! I flipped out, Brett flipped out and the midwife told us to get in the car and come at once! I laid down in the back seat of our little car. I was singing out loud two songs and trying so hard not to push. I am pretty sure my husband drove 200 miles per hour!

We slammed into the parking lot at the birth center. Cosette came to help Brett carry me in as I was in the middle of a contraction and in no shape to walk. Once inside, Rebekah asked me if I wanted to get in the tub and all I could do was shake my head. Oh, the water felt wonderful! I felt better instantly and started paying more attention to the PUSH.

Labor, for me, came in waves. That made it much more bearable. I moved here and there in the tub. Tried this position and that. Talked in between contractions and made all sorts of noises when the contractions rolled over me. Rebekah asked if I wanted a mirror and I said no. I knew what was about to happen and I wanted to concentrate on my body.

After a while, we had seen progress, but Rebekah asked me to concentrate on pushing down. I did. Two pushes – I think –and Jasper’s head was born. My body rested so I didn’t continue to push. In a matter of seconds came the next wave and – bam – Jasper Ryan Horsman entered the world at 11:55 am. We have the sweetest picture of Jasper, fresh and wet, sitting on my chest and Brett’s arms wrapped around both of us. That moment we got to keep. No doctors prodding, no sounds, no IVs. Just a silent reverence while a little family was born.

By and by, Brett took Jasper to get wrapped up and weighed and I stayed with Rebekah to finish up delivering the placenta and moving into the big bed. Jasper started to nurse. I floated in and out of sleep. I think I even snored once. Brett went to get us lunch from Smokey Row. The smell of Cheeseburger Bread Bowl was enough to perk me up and I ate.

Brett and the gals packed Jasper and I up and home we went. Jasper and I climbed into our big bed and waited for my parents to show up. Brett came and went bringing blankets, water and anything else I even mentioned. The days were a blur. Parents came and went. Meals showed up from our church. Mornings and nights meant nothing as I woke and slept with Jasper.

The two day and five day appointments were at our home! It was amazing. From the comfort of our couch, Jasper was weighed and checked. The nurse was also a Lactation Consultant and we got some hands-on help. The two week appointment was the first time I had ventured out alone with my little person. It was great. He was growing – I was healing. The midwife told me to keep activity levels down and discussed supplements.

At the eight week group release-from- care appointment, I felt a tinge of sadness as I left. I loved this place. They had been there on one of the most important days of my life. I have since returned to work and a busy schedule, but I’m making plans to visit. I watch the classes to see what’s coming up and my husband and I are planning on going to a few. It’s so funny to other people that I’m planning to revisit the place I delivered my child. I know – but it’s true. And I want to go back to Willowsong for my next child and my next. I want that experience over and over. I chuckle to think that instead of being worried about my not going to the doctor’s office, I may go too much! Who does that….Willowsong Clients.