Brandy’s Care Testimonial

It was those moments immediately after his birth that are by far the most treasured for me. I sat there in the warm water, with my husband in front of me, holding my newly birthed baby boy. My midwives and doula sat quietly around the tub and just let us BE. Nobody wanted to take him out of my arms. Nobody rushed to examine him, or me, or pull on the placenta, or shine lights down on us, or rush to clean him up and wrap him blankets… there was no hurrying, no change in pace, no rush to move onto the next item on the agenda. We all sat and smiled and laughed and admired him and enjoyed the peaceful moments of elation and relief that follow an uninhibited birth.

Home Birth allowed me the space to rely on my instincts in birthing and caring for my baby, unhindered by anyone’s rules, protocols, or timetable. Everything about my experience with Healing Passages, Willowsong Midwifery, prenatal care, my home and water birth, and the post-partum period was gentler, more peaceful, more supportive and individualized than during my previous pregnancies and births. I could not possibly be happier with my experience or with my baby’s entry into the world. They provided me with the tools I needed to have the birth experience I so desired. I feel nothing but joy when I think about my home birth. My choice of homebirth can be boiled down to three words: freedom, peace, and instinct.

Story submitted by Brandy Ch.