Birth Stories

If you think your birth story won’t matter, that it won’t have significance in your life for years to come; just ask your great grandmother to tell you about her births. Pay attention to how she shares her story. Is she elated? Matter of fact? Does it bring her tears of sorrow and pain or tears of joy? Does she wish it could have been different? Would she have changed anything?

Sharing of birth stories is a timeless tradition that would be wonderful to revive in our culture. It is one that many women cherish, especially when a curious friend is asking and really cares. Ask a woman close to you in your life to share hers. And then be prepared to sit for awhile and listen. Listen to her emotions behind the words. Learn from her. Ask her to elaborate. Ask how it impacted her ability to mother in the year after.

Reading other parents’ birth stories is a wonderful way to prepare for your baby’s birth. Learn about the varied experiences of our clients in these stories they share with our community.

Amber Horsman’s Birth Story

My birth story began on a hot June day at Gray’s Lake. It was after my husband I walked around and around the lake that we decided to use Willowsong Midwifery Care for the delivery of our first child. My husband, Brett, was initially hesitant but let me have my way. We loved the long »

Melissa Schnurr’s Birth Story

The birth story of my second daughter (Cora) begins with the birth of my first daughter (Ainsley) in 2010. I was studying to become a doula, so was well educated on the risks and benefits of common birth interventions and was planning a midwife and doula assisted natural hospital birth. As 41 weeks of pregnancy »

The Home Birth of Cypress Dale

Once I got in the tub my contractions kept getting more intense. I had a contraction and felt grunty and pushy. I grunted with a contraction and it scared me cause *I* was not doing the grunting… my body was! How I could make noises and my body “push” when I didn’t tell it to. »

The Candid Home Birth Story of Elisa Rose

Erin J family following home birth
If you dig birth stories, read on…but from this point on, I will be candid about the birth story of Elisa Rose. I have had many people ask me to write it down, and with such a marvelous story, it was easy to do. I can’t predict if anyone would be squeamish about the details, »

An Unplanned Cesarean Birth

Joanne Fouts with her newborn baby
This is the story of how, as a med school student who had participated in several hospital deliveries, we made the decision to have a home birth. But during labor at home, it was discovered our baby was occiput posterior. After 36 hours of labor, we headed to the hospital. »