Birth Stories

If you think your birth story won’t matter, that it won’t have significance in your life for years to come; just ask your great grandmother to tell you about her births. Pay attention to how she shares her story. Is she elated? Matter of fact? Does it bring her tears of sorrow and pain or tears of joy? Does she wish it could have been different? Would she have changed anything?

Sharing of birth stories is a timeless tradition that would be wonderful to revive in our culture. It is one that many women cherish, especially when a curious friend is asking and really cares. Ask a woman close to you in your life to share hers. And then be prepared to sit for awhile and listen. Listen to her emotions behind the words. Learn from her. Ask her to elaborate. Ask how it impacted her ability to mother in the year after.

Reading other parents’ birth stories is a wonderful way to prepare for your baby’s birth. Learn about the varied experiences of our clients in these stories they share with our community.

Danny’s Birth Story

Valerie and her family
If you would have asked me what my ‘ideal birth’ plan was at 35 weeks, I would have told you what I thought I wanted, however I experienced something unexpected and even more wonderful.   I remember my labor at home with fond memories. I labored walking in the backyard, birthing tub and all through »

Laila Grey’s Birth Story

Amanda holding newborn Laila Gray
Submitted by Amanda Fust The day leading up to when you were born was pretty typical for the most part. Emma and I hung out it the morning running errands, going to the store, and taking Daisey to the vet for a bug bite on her face. Then I went to work as usual after dropping »

Why I Chose Home Birth

Brandy holds her newborn following waterbirth
When I think back about my previous two births in hospitals, my greatest regret is that I was not allowed to hold my babies immediately after their births. The first time I saw each of them, and held them, they were wrapped up like burritos, with little hats covering their hair and eye ointment goobering »

My Journey to Willowsong

Alayna Ruth at 6 months
This is the account of how I got to the point of being able to choose home birth and believe in myself after having my first child in the hospital. I realized midway through my second pregnancy that I needed to switch to Willowsong Midwifery Care. »

Transferred to Willowsong at 30 Weeks Pregnant

My husband Mark and I transferred to Willowsong when I was approximately 30 weeks pregnant with our first child. Next time we want to begin the journey with Cosette and Kari! They are wise, experienced, tender and passionate about bringing babies into the world. I really appreciated the obvious respect—even reverence—they both have for a »