September and Josh’s Care Testimonial

When I became unexpectedly pregnant for the first time at the age of 40, my husband and I knew we wanted the best experience possible. I contacted Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center and began my journey. In today’s medical environment, it was wonderful to be treated as a woman experiencing a perfectly natural occurrence »

Sarah’s Breastfeeding Class Testimonial

I had the pleasure of attending freshMum’s breastfeeding class with instructor Char, who is incredibly informed, experienced, passionate, and warm. In class, we were exposed to evidence-based information through a combination of videos, reference notes, and spontaneous Q&A. We watched videos about neonatal development, demonstrations of “laid back” postures and hand expression, and were directed »

Kara’s Testimonial

My husband Mark and I transferred to Willowsong when I was approximately 30 weeks pregnant. Next time we want to begin the journey with Cosette and her team! Healing Passages is wise, experienced, tender and passionate about bringing babies into the world… »

Brandy’s Care Testimonial

It was those moments immediately after his birth that are by far the most treasured for me. I sat there in the warm water, with my husband in front of me, holding my newly birthed baby boy. My midwives and doula sat quietly around the tub and just let us BE. »

Dan Zimmerman’s Care Testimonial

…The Willowsong Midwives answered all our questions in a calm and non-alarming manner, no matter how long it took. We were respected and continually reassured what we knew all along, that birth is a natural process… »