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Graham’s Testimonial Poem

Why Midwifery? Care & Compassion Why Midwifery? Love & Nurture Why Midwifery? Education & Support Why Midwifery? Understanding & Acceptance »

Tiffany’s Testimonial

I heard Cosette speak at a local health fair and immediately knew I wanted her to attend my next child's birth. When I got pregnant again I met with her individually and had an intense feeling of connection… »

Louisa’s Testimonial

In my adult life, I have never taken better care of myself than when I was pregnant with my last baby, and under the care of the Willowsong Midwives at Healing Passages Birth Center. My prenatal appointments covered all the nutritional information I needed, but more than that, I felt so cared for that it inspired me to care for my body, and thus my baby, in a way I never had before. »

Mandy’s Testimonial

I truly felt WHOLE-istic care from Cosette's entire team. It was never just my physical body that was cared for, but instead my WHOLE being — mind, body, and spirit. The love and nurturing, along with the education I was provided during my time with Willowsong Midwives will last a lifetime. »