Working with Doulas

At Healing Passages we often get the question as to whether or not we work with doulas. We LOVE doulas! We joke that in our world, the doula is hired to truly just be with women—not to protect the woman from the very team she has hired to manage her care! Doulas are experts in holding the space with women in labor. They are familiar with the sounds of labor and the movements women need to make to help that baby come through her. In our eyes, a good doula is not there to rescue her client, but to dance with her, bellow with her, hold her when she falls and sing with her. The doula is there to pick her up when she thinks she can no longer go on and is begging for mercy. The doula helps to bring comfort to all present, especially the husbands and partners of our clients who are not used to the energies of labor and birth. We have seen the most amazing doulas range from a woman’s mother or grandmother to a formally trained doula within her community.

“We had a young woman who went through a five day labor. The whole team was exhausted and having a hard time coping. We had been making several visits each day…wondering why it wasn’t kicking in. On day four, her mother showed up—a woman who herself had birthed many at home—and the energy completely shifted. I jokingly said to her, “could you have come any sooner???”. All she did was plop herself down in a rocking chair and begin to knit. But her whole energy was one of confidence that all was ok and that her daughter would be fine and would soon have a baby. The next day, the labor shifted and in a very short time, on the birth stool, she finally birthed into the world a beautiful girl.”

That is the difference a good trusted, soulful doula can make to a woman’s birth.

Photos of Doulas at Births

Doula rubbing back of laboring mom in birth tub
Pictures are worth a thousand words. These photos portray real-life scenes of doulas providing assistance during birth. »