Danny’s Birth Story

If you would have asked me what my ‘ideal birth’ plan was at 35 weeks, I would have told you what I thought I wanted, however I experienced something unexpected and even more wonderful.


Valerie and her family

I remember my labor at home with fond memories. I labored walking in the backyard, birthing tub and all through the house surrounded by love and support. When the time came, I worked hard pushing in every position and with every fiber of my being, but our baby was not going to budge. I vividly remember standing in our kitchen with Cosette and talking though the situation. I was informed of all the options and was part of the decision to transfer to the hospital. That is the part that looking back makes me feel so good about the transfer. It was a calm, well-formulated plan and I was apart of the decision.

I transferred to Broadlawns and was met in a courteous and respected manner. The doctor who delivered Danny was fantastic! My labor did stall, but he hung out while my husband and doula did nipple stimulation to get things going. Danny was born within 30 minutes of transferring and was born into a wonderful caring environment. I had my drug-free natural birth. I look back and feel that I had my perfect birth. I worked hard, had a supportive team and birthed a beautiful boy. Nothing I would change!

Story submitted by Valerie S.