Kara’s Testimonial

My husband Mark and I transferred to Willowsong when I was approximately 30 weeks pregnant with our first child. Next time we want to begin the journey with Cosette and her team! They are wise, experienced, tender and passionate about bringing babies into the world. I really appreciated the obvious respect—even reverence—they both have for a woman’s body and her intuition, whether in prenatal care, childbirth or postpartum.

During our first appointment, my midwife told me that being happy was the most important thing a pregnant mama could do for her baby and her own health. I was no stranger to the usual worries of pregnancy and was particularly stressed at that time due to the reason we were transferring from our previous provider. My midwife took the time to brainstorm with me activities that made me happy. How wonderful to have a care provider whose approach included more than the standard medical measurements and inquiries. I left that appointment with gratitude and joy. Each subsequent appointment was just as nurturing and reassuring.

Preparing for a home birth was surprisingly simple. They bring all the equipment and emergency medications that rural or county hospitals have. All I had to do was order their customized birth kit online and pick up a few extra supplies to have on hand. I loved knowing that my baby would be born in a tranquil environment and that I would labor where I felt most comfortable and free.

Story submitted by Kara S.