Sarah’s Breastfeeding Class Testimonial

I had the pleasure of attending freshMum’s breastfeeding class with instructor Char, who is incredibly informed, experienced, passionate, and warm. In class, we were exposed to evidence-based information through a combination of videos, reference notes, and spontaneous Q&A. We watched videos about neonatal development, demonstrations of “laid back” postures and hand expression, and were directed towards trustworthy resources for baby wearing, medications while breastfeeding, tips for pumping, support groups, and breastfeeding books.

In line with my Willowsong experience in general, Char’s class guided me to tap into my mama instinct. Her “breastfeeding is easy” approach helped me make connections between baby’s instinctive needs and reflexes, skin-to-skin contact, and mama’s physical comfort! Specifically, learning about “laid back breastfeeding” was one of the most eye-opening, yet intuitive, pieces I have been exposed to during my pregnancy. I now feel much more confident about breastfeeding, and also comforted by the knowledgable support I will have after baby’s birth.

Story submitted by Sarah H.