Shape your baby’s taste buds while in womb

We as moms have such incredible influence with our young child, even when it comes to what he/she may prefer to eat when older. A study published in 2001 showed that babies who had been exposed to a flavor in utero or while nursing, were more likely to prefer that flavor when they started eating table food.


As an expectant mom, the body breaks down all the nutrients from a food along with molecules called volatiles which carry scent. As a result, volatiles can strongly influence taste buds, allowing us as moms to expose our baby to a wide range of healthy foods very early in life.

A good rule is to consume and provide ongoing exposure to different foods repeatedly as soon as possible. At the same time, when breastfeeding, also be aware of what you are consuming and how it reacts in your body and also your baby’s body.

The baby’s digestive system is very immature and could need additional support with good gut flora (aka probiotics), healthy fats, etc. and may not be able to properly digest certain foods right away that you consume. As a mom of a 7 month old, I have found that certain foods I have consumed do cause a reaction in my daughter. In many forums, I hear that some babies are very spitty or have projectile vomit, and that is thought to be ok and even normal. From my own personal experience, when I started noticing that my daughter was projectile vomiting and/or getting really spitty after nursing, I started taking note of what I was consuming. After removing those foods in as short as 1-2 days, her spit up and projectile vomiting stopped. I do believe awareness is the key. Just know that even if your baby is having a reaction to a healthy food you are consuming, there are many other healthy food options that you can continue to include and introduce into your diet to support a wider variety of tastes…and more than likely, the negative reaction is only temporary or can be resolved with natural remedies and digestive support.


MelanieMelanie is the Wellness Coordinator for Willowsong Midwifery Care, a Certified Health Coach (through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and AADP), and more importantly a mom of 3 small children. She is very passionate about empowering moms and children in attaining overall health and wellness and loves supporting Willowsong Families with health classes, free initial prenatal consults, information via blogging and much more! Melanie approaches health from a holistic perspective, meaning that she believes each component of our lives creates our overall health and wellness. You are welcome to connect with Melanie anytime via email (

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