the Care

“Ageless wisdom guides our steps along the path of our heart’s knowing to the edge of science and new vision. Together, we birth the dawn of a new humanity”—Birthing The Future

TRANSFORM yourself and your family…

and by doing so, transform the greater community in which you live—through our CARE. Imagine an environment as comfortable as your home. Imagine knowing your care team, who they are & why they do what they do. Imagine drinking a cup of hot tea during your appointment with your midwives. Imagine talking frankly about your body, your health concerns, & your dreams for yourself and your family. EXPERIENCE feeling empowered and transformed after your care with our team.

You will have direct access to your health record!

Willowsong Midwives use Maternity Neighborhood for their electronic health record, giving clients access to their records 24hrs a day. With a simple log-in, clients can fill out all their history before their visit with the midwives, upload their photo, read their progress notes, get their lab results when we enter them, read their ultrasound reports, upload pdf files and directly message their care team!

When a planned birth center birth rapidly becomes a home birth, because baby is coming….Welcome to birth during COVID

Our mission is to help women…

RECLAIM their body’s inner healing wisdom through gentle guidance and trust in their knowledge