Breastfeeding Mums Care

Breastfeeding Mums Care

We know that babies are born needing security, warmth, and nutrition. While traditional cultures around the world still meet these needs by caring for babies in time-honored ways, our culture has forgotten how to simply and completely meet these biological needs.

We know that biological breastfeeding is the norm for human babies. It is what babies expect and need. Your baby doesn’t need all, or perhaps any of the items marketed to new parents… your baby needs you. At Willowsong, you can expect to find simple, current breastfeeding education, always focusing on motherbaby first.

The breastfeeding relationship begins immediately after birth, and allowing for your newborn’s nine instinctive stages can impart longterm physical and psychological benefits to both you and your child. To learn more, please visit

According to research shared through, the first hours after birth are a developmentally distinct time for a baby and there are well documented short and long term physical and psychological advantages when a baby is held skin to skin during this time.When a baby is in skin to skin contact after birth there are nine observable newborn stages, happening in a specific order, that are innate and instinctive for the baby. Within each of these stages, there are a variety of actions the baby may demonstrate.

Stage 1: The Birth Cry
The first stage is the birth cry. This distinctive cry occurs immediately after birth as the baby’s lungs expand.

Stage 2: Relaxation
The second stage is the relaxation stage. During the relaxation stage, the newborn exhibits no mouth movements and the hands are relaxed. This stage usually begins when the birth cry has stopped. The baby is skin to skin with the mother and covered with a warm, dry towel or blanket.

Stage 3: Awakening
The third stage is the awakening stage. During this stage the newborn exhibits small thrusts of movement in the head and shoulders. This stage usually begins about 3 minutes after birth. The newborn in the awakening stage may exhibit head movements, open his eyes, show some mouth activity and might move his shoulders.

Stage 4: Activity
The fourth stage is the activity stage. During this stage, the newborn begins to make increased mouthing and sucking movements as the rooting reflex becomes more obvious. This stage usually begins about 8 minutes after birth.

Stage 5: Rest
At any point, the baby may rest. The baby may have periods of resting between periods of activity throughout the first hour or so after birth.

Stage 6: Crawling
The sixth stage is the crawling stage. The baby approaches the breast during this stage with short periods of action that result in reaching the breast and nipple. This stage usually begins about 35 minutes after birth.

Stage 7: Familiarization
The seventh stage is called familiarization. During this stage, the newborn becomes acquainted with the mother by licking the nipple and touching and massaging her breast. This stage usually begins around 45 minutes after birth and could last for 20 minutes or more.

Stage 8: Suckling
The eighth stage is suckling. During this stage, the newborn takes the nipple, self attaches and suckles. This early experience of learning to breastfeed usually begins about an hour after birth. If the mother has had analgesia/anesthesia during labor, it may take more time with skin to skin for the baby to complete the stages and begin suckling.

Stage 9: Sleep
The final stage is sleep. The baby and sometimes the mother fall into a restful sleep. Babies usually fall asleep about 1½ to 2 hours after birth.

© Health Education Associates, Inc. Based on the research of Widström, et al.


Science confirms what cultures around the world have always known: when mother and baby are encouraged to spend first days and weeks together as the motherbaby pair, breastfeeding is simplified and strengthened. At Willowsong, you can expect to find simple, comprehensive baby wearing education that will encourage motherbaby care and normal breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is normal. And it can be simple. Come join us for our breastfeeding open hours and experience quality, non-judgemental help with a village of women ready to guide you.

Breastfeeding Mums Support

  • Classes and support clinics at open to the public in theVillage Learning Centre
  • Prenatal Breastfeeding Class by freshMums, taught by Char Wade, RN, Motherbaby Nurse
  • MotherBaby Cafe run by our Motherbaby Nurse experts in biological breastfeeding
  • Home visits by licensed, biological breastfeeding experts with emphasis on attachment


Our MISSION is to help women…

UNDERSTAND the importance of biological breastfeeding and that breastfeeding is NORMAL for baby in the first two years of life and beyond as long as mother and child are enjoying it.