learn from other women and families, grow with us as we explore important issues that bring out the passion in us all! As Willowsong began to grow over the years, we all realized how lucky we were to have so many wonderful, strong families a part of our lives. It soon became apparent that we had to find some way to connect this core energy, this synergy that we all felt around BIRTH and PARENTING, BREASTFEEDING and WOMEN’S HEALTH, to name a just a few topics.

Birth Team members Michelle and Ashley show off their knitting skills

We invite you to become a part of the discussion, the challenge to change the current paradigm. Learn and grow with us. CONNECT with our community….

Staff arrived one morning to find this message, “Lives begin here…”. Our neighbors will often make sure the stones stay stacked.

Our MISSION is to help women…

INSPIRE positive change within their families and ultimately their greater community, as they strive towards a higher state of health and well‐being.

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Upcoming classes, pregnancy and baby care tips, plus sage womanly advice.

September and Josh’s Care Testimonial

When I became unexpectedly pregnant for the first time at the age of 40, my husband and I knew we wanted the best experience possible. I contacted Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center and began my journey. In today’s medical environment, it was wonderful to be treated as a woman experiencing a perfectly natural occurrence »

Easy Ways to get in Healthy Fats into our and our Family’s Diet!

Healthy Fats are key nutrients required for baby organ and brain development (inside and outside of the womb), cognitive function at any age along with these additional benefits: Provides body with energy Boosts metabolism Helps you feel fuller longer (reducing calorie intake) Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels – reducing cravings, pregnancy and overall health complications Helps »

Amber Horsman’s Birth Story

My birth story began on a hot June day at Gray’s Lake. It was after my husband I walked around and around the lake that we decided to use Willowsong Midwifery Care for the delivery of our first child. My husband, Brett, was initially hesitant but let me have my way. We loved the long »

Our Connection to theMotherEarth

willowy flower

One aspect I loved about working with Silent Rivers through the design process for this space, and I’m not just saying this because I am married to the owner, is that his team really took the time to get to know Willowsong and what is important to us, how we approach care. One of the »

Seasonal Eating & Back To Basics for Family Nourishment

Ahhh….we are on the cusp of Summer while enjoying this beautiful Spring Time weather; fresh fruits and vegetables are starting to grow and some are even being harvested from the garden! Eating in season has so many health benefits for us and our children from higher nutrient density (the produce is typically left on the »