Andrea Imes, RN

Labor & Birth Nurse

Andrea ImesAs a nurse, finding a niche has been an ongoing path of self-discovery. From Urgent Care and Ob/Gyn clinics, to home and community health nursing with adults with disabilities, to working as an oncology unit RN, it has been a well-rounded and interesting ride. Through all of these roles, there has been a constant passion for holistic wellness and educating patients to encourage them to make well-informed decisions for themselves. I have always felt a deeper connection with female patients. My husband and I have not yet had kids of our own, but I must say that I have always appreciated the glow, the strength and the pure magic of an expecting woman. For women who are proactive in their health endeavors, Willowsong has fulfilled a need by creating an empowered space and community, and for that, I was drawn to them.

When I am not wearing my nursing hat, I can usually be found wearing an apron or yoga pants! I love cooking up a tasty vegetarian meal, making my own fresh juice concoctions, and baking cupcakes. But not cookies, I’m terrible with cookies! I can also be found in your local yoga studio taking a class and soon you will find me teaching a class!