Dr. Kari Ward, DNP, ARNP/CNM

Kari Ward

Clinical Director, Staff Certified Nurse-Midwife

I have been in women’s healthcare for 22 years now. I began my nursing career in mental health and then switched to Labor & Delivery and Nursery nursing. I learned many valuable lessons as I took a job as a traveling nurse and was privileged to serve many diverse populations in a multitude of settings. Exciting prior-to-having-my-own-children days! I have been a certified nurse-midwife for 11 years now. I have experience both in- and out-of-hospital.

My core philosophy about healthcare is rooted in education, teamwork, and individualization. All people need to be educated about their health and included as a crucial member on their own health team. Care needs to be individualized to be maximally useful to each person.

Prenatal care provides a wonderful opportunity to bring this philosophy to fruition. Pregnancy is a unique time in any family’s life; a time that women are more motivated and thoughtful than ever before about what is going on with their body and what it needs to thrive and grow. I love being on this journey with families, as they learn and discover. Both well-woman/annual exam and prenatal healthcare are focused on wellness and prevention. These are my passions!

I came to women’s healthcare through the love of babies! I knew from the very beginning that babies needed to be my life’s work. I love them and they love me and to take care of them I dedicate my life to taking care of the strong, wise, wonderful, loving mamas that bring them into the world…and in so doing I get to hold them and touch them and watch them as they enter the world to grow and thrive! To be there from the beginning when they are a growing fetus and then to be present to help facilitate a kind and gentle, respectful birth–beginning their life–is a joy I will never tire of.

I have recently completed my Doctorate of Nursing Practice. It is a doctoral degree focused on research utilization and application of evidence-based medicine. My dissertation focus was on informed consent and the process of obtaining informed consent.

When I am not working or going to school I am with family and friends. I have been married for 23 years and together we have three fantastic children that have taught me more in life than all of my college degrees ever could have! My oldest is 19 and is at Grinnell College, my middle is 15 and starting high school, and my littlest is 5 and started Kindergarten this year. Busy, beautiful, blessed life.