Katie Merlo

Graduated BSN, LPN, LMT

Birth Assistant

Katie Merlo, birth assistant nurse, Healing Passages Birth Center, Des Moines

Hello I’m Katie Merlo and here is a little of my story and how I came to be a birth assistant with Healing Passages.

In 2004 I was at Grand View University completing my bachelor’s degree in nursing. I became pregnant with my first child, and although I had always envisioned a home birth, I promptly found myself in care of an OB. As my pregnancy progressed, I became more unhappy with just feeling like another patient, as if my voice and wants were not heard.

When I met Cosette, I felt immediately at home in her model of care, and had a beautiful birth with her. I then had my next three babies at home and I loved the experience so much.

As I became more and more experienced as a mama who breast fed and used a model of attachment parenting and holistic cares, many other women would come to me with questions and advice. I found myself going to friends’ births and using my knowledge of nursing, massage therapy, and motherhood to assist them.

When Healing Passages needed nurses, I jumped at the chance to help more women in the community on a more regular basis. I love everything about birth and babies, and I love being able to use my gifts of massage and love of baking to make women feel loved, cared for and heard.