LeeAnn Albright, RN, IBCLC

MotherBaby Nurse

LeeAnn Albright holding babyHello! I am humbled to be helping in offering breastfeeding support to families at Willowsong. I have three kiddos (all BOYS) and a hubby. I was privileged to have birthed at home with Willowsong our last baby boy in Spring 2014. The amazing holistic care throughout my pregnancy and postpartum days strengthened my own desire to continue to be mindful, honest, and true to any mom and baby I support.

I am a registered nurse (RN) and international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). An IBCLC is a healthcare professional specializing in evidence based lactation care and breastfeeding support. I also have an undergraduate degree in Political Science and French from Iowa State University.

I believe we need to trust our bodies and follow our hearts. The biological process of breastfeeding is very dynamic and is more than just feeding. It is a fascinating interplay between mom and baby. My goal is to support the breastfeeding family and to assist moms in meeting their breastfeeding goals. This can sometimes include overcoming challenges to breastfeeding and with the amazing team at Willowsong, I believe that most challenges can be resolved easily. Everyone at Willowsong is truly here to support you in this journey. I feel honored to be one of those available to offer support and holistic care.