Lesheana Acfalle

Midwifery Student 

Birth Assistant


Hafa Adai! Guahu si Lesheana Fleming Acfalle. which is Chamorro for, “Hello! My name is Lesheana Fleming Acfalle.”

My family and I were born and raised on the beautiful, tropical island of Guam. That is also where my love for working in labor and delivery was born. To date, I have assisted at more than 400 births and counting!

I worked at the island’s first and only birth center working alongside up to four OB-GYN, four CNMs, five RNs and six other birth assistants. The center was owned and operated by a well-known OB. Therefore, we worked under the medical model of care, and we functioned like a labor wing in a hospital.

I was responsible for triaging laboring clients, greeting/admitting laboring patients to their rooms, attaching EFMs and monitoring babies’ heart rates/patients’ contractions, and deciding with the RNs on shift when to call the OB/CNMs when our patients were close to giving birth. I also acted as a doula to provide comfort and support throughout labor and delivery.

The military then brought our family to Washington state where I was introduced to the midwifery model of care. I was fortunate to have been selected to be a midwife assistant at the only freestanding birth center in Tacoma, Washington.

I would definitely say that my love for being a birth worker fully blossomed at this point. There I worked with up to 10 CPMs and two CNMs. The midwives with whom I worked felt I would be a great candidate as a midwife, and they convinced me to attend midwifery college. In January of 2017, I gladly became a student midwife following the CPM path.

To help pay for school in addition to my independent doula business, one of the midwives with whom I worked taught me the proper technique to encapsulate placentas. I encapsulated more than 50 placentas in my 1st year alone and am delighted to offer this service to mamas in Iowa!

In July of 2017, my husband, five littles and I made the big move to Iowa. We absolutely love it here, and I am beyond excited to get to be a part of the birth assistant team at Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center! As soon as I entered this beautiful and unique space I knew this is the place I had to be! My heart and soul was longing to be a part of this community. I am honored to be here, and look forward to meeting you all at some point!