Our Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values

The PURPOSE of Healing Passages is to educate, to empower and to connect with the intention of inspiring change in the way we think about women’s bodies, birth, the newborn, parenting, community and ultimately, the environmental impact our choices have on our planet.


The VISION that drives us at Healing Passages

  1. We know and are comfortable with out-of-hospital birth & physiological birth, as it was meant to be, better than anyone in the community. It is why women come to us. And it distinguishes us from our competitors. We are the experts in holding the space for women to do their work of labor, while not intervening in the process we know as birth. We are eighteen years strong in this foundation.
  2. We are known for spending time with women. It is what the word midwife means, ‘with women’ and we value that time with our clients. The relationships we develop are life-long and treasured.
  3. Our facility is not your typical medical clinic. It offers many comforts of home; hot tea to drink, cotton sheets for drapes, a sofa to sit on while discussing one’s medical history, a play area in the room so family can be a part of the care.
  4. We provide a space for a true shared decision making model of care. Clients are given time to think through and discuss options in care and ultimately, make the final decision based on their values and world-view—without feeling judged or threatened.
  5. In birth, we facilitate the immediate bonding, attachment and connection of the mother and child. The first primal hour after birth is STILL, undisturbed. It is our favorite time, as we encourage the newborn to be skin-to-skin with the mother during this taking-in phase.
  6. We are experts in biological breastfeeding (breastfeeding, simplified) and how to support the new mother/baby pair following birth and in the weeks and years beyond in their breastfeeding relationship.
  7. We offer many opportunities for group care, a unique model of maternity care, bringing women together for group prenatals and group postpartum events.
  8. We bring the discussion of WHY BIRTH MATTERS TO OUR PLANET, home, and continue the global dialogue. Our Birth Center’s location within the Green & Main development is one of our platforms for talking about sustainability.

Our MISSION is to help women

RECLAIM their body’s inner healing wisdom through gentle guidance and trust in their knowledge;

DISCOVER the inherent protective power of birth to transform by holding the space for women to experience birth as nature intended it to be;

CONNECT with a supportive community as they strive to learn, grow and share their knowledge with other women through our dynamic VillageLearningCentre

FOSTER attachment and connection in all human relationships by providing care with compassion and respect for the woman, the newborn, the family and ultimately the community.

UNDERSTAND the importance of biological breastfeeding and that breastfeeding is NORMAL for baby in the first two years of life and beyond as long as mother and child are enjoying it.

REALIZE the importance of sustainability in how we choose to live our lives and the impact our day‐to‐day choices have on the community as a whole

INSPIRE positive change within their families and ultimately their greater community, as they strive towards a higher state of health and well‐being.

What we VALUE is timeless

Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center is highly respected within our industry, and is a model for freestanding midwifery-owned birth centers nation-wide. We continue to be prominent, vibrant and flourishing within our community by…

  • Consistently offering safe, exceptional care to women at all stages of life with measurable outcomes exceeding the current community standard
  • Being known community‐wide as experts in out-of-hospital birth and for promoting the physiological birth process, known to be inherently protective of mother/child
  • Caring for newborns through the first six weeks of life, while fostering their primal need for skin‐to‐skin attachment and connection with their mother
  • Being known within the community as being the place to turn to for help in facilitating the biological breastfeeding relationship through practicing all the principles of the nationally recognized Baby-Friendly Designation
  • Connecting community through our dynamic VillageLearningCentre whose goal is to reach women and their families beyond the Healing Passages client base
  • Valuing and demonstrating a sustainable practice model in every aspect of the care we provide under the umbrella of Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center.