Rebecca Schleuger-Valadao, ARNP, CNM

Certified Nurse-Midwife                          ID-photo-e1375388870841

I am so very excited to be a part of the Willowsong team again!

My journey with Willowsong began in 2008, attending births with Cosette and Kari as a handy birth photographer and then as a student nurse. My passion for women’s health began as my family life blossomed with the pregnancy and birth of my first daughter in 2004. The quest for more knowledge of informed birth choices, breastfeeding and gentle and holistic parenting brought me to meetings at Holistic Moms Network, La Leche League, and Attachment Parenting International. Through these groups I found my community and I began building my village. As friends moved away or became engaged in their growing families and careers, I had the pleasure to be a local HMN and LLLI leader. I have had great experiences of learning and providing support and education to women and families supporting breastfeeding and healthy holistic lifestyles.

I have always known my life would be that of service, of caring, giving, educating and holding space. After attending my first births with the Willowsong, team I knew it was a part of me; I knew midwife was a name I was meant to be called.

In 2010 I graduated from Mercy College of Health Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in nursing science. That same year my journey took my family westward – California, here we come! Warm weather, sunny beaches (and don’t forget the traffic!). We settled into Long Beach. I had the wonderful opportunity to work for 2 amazing organizations, South Coast Midwifery & Birth Center and Mental Health of America. Our adventures in California were warm and fun, challenging and wonderful. I grew in experience as a professional nurse and in life. I expanded my village and made lifelong connections. In September of 2012 we decided to move back to the Des Moines area to be closer to family and close friends as my family dealt with some new challenges in life and in death.

I am so grateful to be back in this community and village, to feel loved and able to share my knowledge, experiences, light and love with others. As I come on board with Willowsong as one of the nurses, I also begin my journey in graduate school this fall 2013, working towards earning my masters in certified nurse midwifery from the Philadelphia University Institute of Midwifery.

When not working on school or at Willowsong, you can find me enjoying life with my two beautiful girls, crafting, making music, bike riding, exploring, learning and playing Capoeira.