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Conscious Birth Prep Class: MamaMoon Care - taking care of the new mother

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January 25, 2020 at 10:30am

Join a discussion with your midwives about how we can better support women and the new family post birth. We take many ideas from Natural Health After Birth by Aviva Romm and bring them to your awareness. Be the first in your family of friends to use a belly binder or encapsulate your placenta! Learn about how the Willowsong Meal Train works in our community. Find out what groups and classes you cannot miss after your baby is born. Learn how to better nurture YOU post birth with hot rock massage and moxibustion from a local acupuncturist. The midwives bring traditions from around the world to light for you to contemplate and add to your wish list of new mama cares!

Available Spaces: 15

Conscious Birth Prep Class: BundledBaby Care - honoring every parent's innate connection to their child!

Free Event

February 08, 2020 at 10:30am

We have a wonderful way of making newborn baby care seem easy by bringing you back to the way nature designed this beautiful relationship to be! We cannot talk about the mama without talking about her newborn—an extension of her body for the first nine months after birth. We start the class from birth onward, discussing all the things your Willowsong Team will do to facilitate the physiological newborn stage. Come explore with us the concepts of the ‘Magical Hour’, the first hour after birth and the newborn’s nine instinctive stages; and NINO, ‘nine months in’, ‘nine months out’, and how it will influence your mothering for the first year post birth!

Available Spaces: 11