Client-Only Groups & Classes

When you join the community of care at Willowsong there a number of groups and classes that become available to you. We believe connecting, learning, and sharing are the most important part of your growth as a client, and our strength as a practice! Whether you attend our Conscious Birth Preparation Class Series or Women’s Wisdom Circle, or participate in a community wide event as a Willowsong client, these are just a few of the ways to be dynamically connected to your Village. If you have any questions about which groups are open to you, please contact our front desk @ 515-266-6712 or


Conscious Birth Preparation Class Series

Our custom Conscious Birth Preparation Class Series is a hallmark of Willowsong’s care. There are five one-hour sessions to choose from throughout your pregnancy journey. Women and their family members gather in a circle to discuss the topic of the day. Experienced and new clients in attendance share their experiences, thoughts, and questions, bringing them

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Six-Week Post Partum Group

This group offering replaces your six week post birth individual visit with the midwives. Once at the group, mamas and babies gather together drinking tea and snacking, while the midwives weigh all the little ones.

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Women’s Wisdom Circle

Women’s Wisdom Circle is a private group open only to Willowsong Clients and is for the more mature mother/woman who is looking to explore issues, facing us all, BEYOND birth and the first year postpartum.

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Birth Circle

The Birth Circle Group is a cherished group for our clients only. The group is for any pregnant woman or post-birth woman who desires to connect to her village.

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