Birth Circle

Private group for clients only

Birth Circle is a cherished group for Healing Passages and Willowsong Midwifery clients only that occurs the second Tuesday of the month. A time for women to gather, without children or partners, to connect to their village. Connecting with our village is something we have begun to lose touch with in this digital age. As new mamas, it is so important to develop deep relationships with other women. The relationships you can create here can last a lifetime, if you dive in.

Birth Circle topics are pertinent from birth to about one year post birth, however we never “outgrow” the topics. You will learn so much and connect with your core village of support and wise women that have gone before you.

If bringing your babe is helpful for you to attend Birth Circle, babes in arms are welcome to attend through 6 months of age or until they are mobile. We want our mamas to be able to deeply connect with each other and focus on themselves. This is a cherished time that we all need and deserve so much.

A call to seasoned mamas: Please come back to birth circle, our pregnant and new mamas need to hear from you!

Please bring a snack and or beverage to share.

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