Rental Policy

Moms on Sofa

Guidelines for use of theVillage


theVillage Learning Centre

In the Sacred Commons @ Healing Passages

800 19th Street Suite 100
Des Moines, Iowa 50314
(in historic Sherman Hill Neighborhood) 

Emergency Contacts:
Cosette Boone, 202-4865
Chaden Halfhill, 202-6276

Welcome to our space! We are so happy you have chosen to run your group/class out of the red brick row house. As the intention of this space is to be very dynamic, with many groups/classes in and out, we have set up some guidelines for all to follow.

  1. There is one space behind the building for the designated leader/group facilitator to park. Entrance would be on the left up the black spiral staircase. All others need to use street parking. There is back lighting on the porch to light up the stairwell when you go to leave. Feel free to turn it on and leave it on so as to navigate those stairs. Warn people that the front stairs can be slippery and we do require that shoes be removed. **Tell participants to bring slippers if needed in the winter!
  2. We do have storage available for groups that will plan to meet regularly. Please inform Cosette if you would like to utilize some space.
  3. The upstairs has a full bathroom and kitchen for use by all groups, but please note that the exam room is off limits, other than the group facilitator to gather items that may be stored in the main closet.
  4. The CD player may be used (Do not allow children near it). Either bring your own or use mine. There is also wireless access available. Look for willowsong on your network and the password is 5152666712.
  5. There is a kids area in the alcove stocked with toys to be used by the groups. It is expected that parents will clean up immaculately after their children, otherwise, it is the responsibility of the facilitator.
  6. Groups are welcome to bring their own food and drinks. In the kitchen, we will have Crystal Clear drinking water and plenty of tea/coffee available for a nominal fee of $1.00. Please note the jar on the kitchen counter. Please do NOT put tap water in the tea pot! Make all tea with Crystal Clear.
  7. Candles may be used for ambiance. Tea lights are available in the kitchen cupboard for a fee of $2.00/4
  8. We LOVE donations to help keep the space running. Willowsong pays rent each month, on top of the following costs that enable groups to meet here: electrical, heat/air conditioning, water, toilet paper, soap for kitchen and bathroom, coffee filters, coffee/tea/crystal clear/candles, monthly cleaning, laundry, scheduling time, etc. Any amount helps and really makes this a community run place! Let’s all take ownership!


Clean up

If the space becomes work for us, we will not be able to continue to offer it for community use. It cannot be an added stress to our clinic workload. Please leave the classroom as you found it, or even better. Often, the midwives have early clinic hours, sometimes at 8:00am, and it is not fun coming in to a room that looks messy and having to apologize to our clients!

  • Toys put away
  • Furniture straightened
  • Floor swept, crumbs off sofa!
  • Sofa covers tucked tightly in and around cushions
  • Dishes cleaned, including coffee pot if used
  • Garbage removed to bin in the back alley (even if not full. Food stinks up the clinic!)


Leader is last person to leave, and before leaving…

  • Make sure downstairs, front entrance door is closed (DO NOT LOCK this door)
  • Make sure upper, inside, front classroom door is shut (locks automatically)
  • Shut back door (Cosette will be up to lock it)


If we are not happy with how a particular group has left the space, they will receive one warning. After that, they will not be welcome to come back.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being a part of building a dynamic gathering place for our community!

Many Blessings to you all!

The Healing Passages & Willowsong Team