Do you accept women who have had a prior Cesarean birth?

Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center is currently considering women for a Trial of Labor (TOL) to birth at our Birth Center. Our VBAC policies are dictated by our current malpractice contract and standards set forth by the American Association of Birth Centers for all Accredited Centers.

We are NOT accepting women for a TOL:

  1. who desire to birth at home or
  2. who have had two prior cesarean births or
  3. whose uterus was repaired with a single layer instead of a double layer
  4. who have not already had a vaginal birth after their cesarean birth

All women coming into care are assessed for risk status and appropriateness for midwifery care based on their personal medical history and prior labor and birth records. Women desiring TOL must get their labor records (intrapartum nursing notes) and their surgical report for midwife review. Candidates are assessed based on the likelihood of having a successful VBAC. We talk through all the available options and challenges with attempting TOL at Healing Passages and in the Des Moines area.

For women who are determined to not be good candidates for our Birth Center (due to prior labor history or they have criteria #2 or #3 above), we currently have the ability to co-manage with the midwives in Iowa City—in a relationship known as shared care. This is perfect for women wanting the Willowsong Model of Care. We do the prenatal and post birth care and clients birth with the providers in Iowa City.