If I have never been a client, can I participate in your community programming?

YES! The foundation of theVillage is a community hub for women to gather for support and nourishment. We believe women are full of wisdom to share with each other, whether they choose to have children or not. Although some of our groups are closed to our clients only, many are open to the public. Go to theVillage tab and find ‘public groups and classes’ on our Village page.

If you are interested in our birth services, come to a free orientation. If you are a new mama looking for a supportive place to breastfeed, meet other breastfeeding women, or to get advice from our breastfeeding experts; come to our MotherBaby Cafe or take our breastfeeding class by freshMums. For women who have experienced a tough birth journey or a loss in pregnancy or shortly after, you may find our Mother’s Tears Support Group the place for you.

The best part is most of these offerings are FREE! Sign up today!