What emergency equipment or medicine do you provide?

Whether we are doing a home birth or in our birth suite, we have supplies and medications equivalent to a Level I labor and delivery room in a hospital. This would be similar to many of our rural hospitals in Iowa. We have at every birth, all of the equipment necessary for fetal monitoring in labor, full newborn resuscitation and postpartum hemorrhage (includes IV fluids and medications), among many other things. Because our supply list is so extensive, we answer any specific questions you have at your consultation upon request.

Birth centers are not mini-hospitals — your labor will never be induced or stimulated with oxytocin (Pitocin) or herbs; and C-sections, instrumental deliveries and continuous monitoring with electronic fetal monitors are NOT done at birth centers.

We are fully equipped to stabilize and transport. We are diligent to follow the international standards of out-of-hospital birth, which includes not being further than 30 minutes from our Level I Trauma Center in the metro area or any of the Level II hospitals here locally.