What is a Willowsong Midwife?

Willowsong Midwives are all Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners/Certified Nurse-Midwives (ARNPs/CNMs). A CNM in the state of Iowa is a nurse-practitioner and has an independent license and full prescriptive authority (can write prescriptions for medicine). They are NOT by license, dependent on physicians. Willowsong midwives are considered community experts in the physiological birth process and experts in birth outside the hospital. We have been providing home birth and well-woman care since 2001 to women like YOU who are searching for something different in the care you receive. Whether it is for your well-woman exam, your pregnancy and birth, or for your newborn; if you are searching for more sensitive, individualized, more holistic care; you have found your team! WELCOME to our growing community. Here you will find some of the most educated and empowered families, dedicated to changing the way we, as a community, as a culture, think about CARE and BIRTH.