What is your financial policy?

The fees for our Birth Center Blossom Package and our Home Birth Root Package are due in full by 34 weeks gestation. We have several payment plan options available in-house to meet the needs of our consumers. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. Comprehensive maternity care fees are paid monthly and are due in full by 34 weeks in pregnancy. Payment plans are agreed upon at your first prenatal appointment. Don’t forget about your HSA or Health Savings Account. Money can be withdrawn from that to pay our services & then you have the added benefit of receiving tax benefits on your investment.

If you have private health insurance with maternity coverage, that is great! Healing Passages will give you a receipt for all your care with the global billing code right after your birth to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Any funds they pay out to you after meeting your deductible are yours to keep! Please understand, Healing Passages is not responsible for submitting your claims or fighting your insurance company for fair reimbursement. You are responsible for advocating for appropriate coverage and reimbursement by your insurer. This works better for you their consumer, for not only do you get paid faster than we do, your insurance company holds themselves accountable more to you -their consumer – than to us, the out-of-network provider!