Who is appropriate for out-of-hospital birth?

We believe that pregnancy is normal and that your body knows how to give birth. Your age and number of prior pregnancies do not matter to us, as long as you are healthy—physically, emotionally and mentally. In order to birth outside the hospital, your pregnancy must be at least 37 weeks gestation (3 weeks before your due date). We follow international standard of care for out-of-hospital birth appropriate clients. Your midwife will do a thorough review of prior medical records, especially prior births, to help her decide if you are a good candidate. Women are taken on a case-by-case basis, depending on their unique stories. Risk is evaluated all the way through your pregnancy, on a day by day, moment to moment basis.

Midwives work closely with the greater healthcare community collaborating, consulting, and referring as needed with local perinatologists, OB/GYNs, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, energy healers and counselors. We need a healthy mom and a healthy baby at the end to proceed with the out-of-hispital birth. Although the majority of women will qualify, there are high-risk situations that are not appropriate for out-of-hospital birth. We cannot accept clients with twins. We do not do a planned breech. Other examples of high-risk situations that are not suitable for an out-of-hospital birth include chronic high blood pressure, diabetes requiring insulin, placenta previa (the placenta is over the cervix), pregnancy induced hypertension requiring medication or preeclampsia, or a medical problem with the baby (heart defect, etc) that will require special care.

During your pregnancy and prenatal care there is much that can be done to prevent many complications. If you were considered high risk during a previous pregnancy we would be happy to review your chart with you and determine if you remain in a higher risk category or not. If you have a question about your “risk status” feel free to call and speak with a midwife about your personal concerns.