Who may I have with me at the birth?

You may have anyone you like at your birth and who is supportive and inspiring to your choices. We strongly urge our clients to surround themselves with positive, helpful people. We will help maintain your vision of birth. Please remember that this time is all about you and your family. When choosing who to have present, please consider “How will this person aid in this process?”, “Do they provide loving energy?”, “Can they help with my children or prepare food?”. Remember, you need to be able to let go during birth, with absolutely no inhibitions. During your prenatal visits we discuss what to expect at the birth and what should be expected of everyone: A prepared birth team and family with love and support make for a wonderful birth! We encourage you to bring friends or family members that you plan to have at your birth in for a tour if they have additional questions or concerns. And of course, they are always welcome at your prenatal visits!