Why pay for a birth experience with our Willowsong Team when my insurance would fully cover the current standard of care in a hospital?

Are you willing to pay more for an exceptional product/experience or pay minimal for status quo? We make these choices on a daily basis in all aspects of our lives. For the Willowsong team, the experience is everything, the relationships are everything, the connections are everything and simply cannot be found anywhere else!

The comprehensive maternity care and newborn care offered by the Willowsong Nurse-Midwives is exceptional. Our model of care with true informed consent and partnership in care, low intervention in healthy pregnancies, experts in physiological birth & the mother-baby connection, and community building through theVillage, is unparalleled in our community. Office visits last 1/2 hour or longer as needed, allowing you to develop an authentic relationship with your midwife and allowing her to fully explore your state of health and educate you on how to best prepare for a healthy childbirth.

Even more than that, when you enter into Willowsong’s care, you are embraced by a community. A community of women and men on the same journey as yourself—educated, passionate, determined. No where else will you find such support and connection. BIRTH has the ability to transform you for a lifetime. Instead of letting FEAR get in the way, believe that you can do it, and embrace the experience. The process along the way is everything.

Birth centers and homebirth practices have much better health outcomes than hospitals for healthy women experiencing normal pregnancies. Hospital cesarean birth rates and intervention rates in healthy labor & birth in our area and throughout the nation have been rising steadily over the past several years. The national c-section rate has been over 27%! In contrast, the average rate among birth center clients was only 4%. Cesarean section is major abdominal surgery, with significant long-term health consequences. It also provides a significant barrier to breastfeeding success, which also has a major impact on the long-term health of mother and baby.

Invest in your pregnancy care and help us advocate for this model to be available to everyone! Call your insurance company and be a part of a team of consumers that are helping to educate for better reimbursement for midwives and out-of-hospital birth!